Pinnacle Wetsuit – Men’s

R$ 8.000,00

The Pinnacle suit is a suit designed to deliver benefits to most swimmers. And by that, we mean swimmers who suffer from sinky legs, snaking, overreach issues, and those whose core strength is not the best. It’s a suit that corrects more failings than any other – maybe just don’t tell your swim coach!

Guia de Tamanho
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Tabela de Tamanho para Base Layers

Tamanho Peito Cintura
XS 86cm - 91cm 71cm - 74cm
S 91cm - 96cm 76cm - 79cm
M 96cm - 101cm 81cm - 83cm
L 101cm - 107cm 86cm - 89cm
XL 107cm - 111cm 91cm - 94cm
XXL 111cm - 116cm 97cm - 104cm
XXXL 116cm - 121cm 107cm - 116cm