HUUB Delta Wetsuit – Men’s

R$ 5.650,00

Designed with a 2:3 buoyancy profile, the HUUB Delta Wetsuit provides fantastic flexibility while enhancing your body positioning in the water for a comfortable and streamlined performance that works to reduce drag. Crafted with specific panel placements and 1.5mm neoprene under the arms so you can move easily without restriction for an efficient stroke. Flatlock seams reduce any irritation as you move so you remain focused and free from distraction while nylon faced neoprene provides comfort at the cuffs and the neck. Finally, a highly visible design on the back of the suit makes you stand out in open water conditions.

Guia de Tamanho

Tabela de Tamanho para Base Layers

Tamanho Peito Cintura
XS 86cm - 91cm 71cm - 74cm
S 91cm - 96cm 76cm - 79cm
M 96cm - 101cm 81cm - 83cm
L 101cm - 107cm 86cm - 89cm
XL 107cm - 111cm 91cm - 94cm
XXL 111cm - 116cm 97cm - 104cm
XXXL 116cm - 121cm 107cm - 116cm