Anemoi 2 | SUB22 Tri Suit – Men’s

R$ 1.710,00

For the latest Anemoi 2 we are now able to offer two variations: SUB22 and 22PLUS.

For each suit we have selected the optimal fabric for the differing speed ranges, meaning you have the quickest suit for your race speed not somebody else’s.

SUB22 – Optimal aerodynamics at speeds over 22mph

22PLUS – Optimal aerodynamics at speeds over 22mph

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Tabela de Tamanho para Tri Suits Masculinos

Tamanho Peito Cintura Quadril
XS/ PP 76cm - 81cm 71cm - 74cm 76cm - 81cm
S/ P 81cm - 86cm 74cm - 76cm 81cm - 86cm
M/M 86cm - 94cm 76cm - 81cm 86cm - 94cm
L/G 94cm - 104cm 81cm - 86cm 94cm - 104cm
XL/GG 104cm - 112cm 86cm - 96cm 104cm - 112cm
XXL/GGG 112cm - 130cm 94cm - 114cm 112cm - 130cm