RaceLine Full Sleeve Triathlon Suit – Men’s

R$ 2.300,00

The RaceLine Long Course Tri Suit has a close body fit with front zip, side pockets for energy gels, and a lightweight high density and low profile 3D chamois. Featuring low friction, lower weight, plus lower fluid and heat absorption for comfort.

Guia de Tamanho
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Tabela de Tamanho para Tri Suits Masculinos

Tamanho Peito Cintura Quadril
XS/ PP 76cm - 81cm 71cm - 74cm 76cm - 81cm
S/ P 81cm - 86cm 74cm - 76cm 81cm - 86cm
M/M 86cm - 94cm 76cm - 81cm 86cm - 94cm
L/G 94cm - 104cm 81cm - 86cm 94cm - 104cm
XL/GG 104cm - 112cm 86cm - 96cm 104cm - 112cm
XXL/GGG 112cm - 130cm 94cm - 114cm 112cm - 130cm