Amnis Wetsuit – Men’s

R$ 8.000,00

Delivering high levels of performance at a great value, the Amnis Wetsuit from HUUB is ideal for open water beginners. Offering excellent flexibility and a buoyancy profile that gives the optimal and most comfortable swimming position.

Guia de Tamanho

Tabela de Tamanho para Base Layers

Tamanho Peito Cintura
XS 86cm - 91cm 71cm - 74cm
S 91cm - 96cm 76cm - 79cm
M 96cm - 101cm 81cm - 83cm
L 101cm - 107cm 86cm - 89cm
XL 107cm - 111cm 91cm - 94cm
XXL 111cm - 116cm 97cm - 104cm
XXXL 116cm - 121cm 107cm - 116cm