Archimedes Aero Tri Suit – Black/Charcoal

R$ 1.710,00

For the athlete, looking for the ultimate in triathlon suit comfort, aerodynamics, performance and speed.

The future of the triathlon suit is changing. We noticed this very early on and have decided that the only way to create something great is to rewrite the rule book and change expectations.

Guia de Tamanho
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Tabela de Tamanho para Tri Suits Masculinos

Tamanho Peito Cintura Quadril
XS/ PP 76cm - 81cm 71cm - 74cm 76cm - 81cm
S/ P 81cm - 86cm 74cm - 76cm 81cm - 86cm
M/M 86cm - 94cm 76cm - 81cm 86cm - 94cm
L/G 94cm - 104cm 81cm - 86cm 94cm - 104cm
XL/GG 104cm - 112cm 86cm - 96cm 104cm - 112cm
XXL/GGG 112cm - 130cm 94cm - 114cm 112cm - 130cm